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Project Profile: Air Canada

Air Canada

Project Objective:

Foodesco were asked to design and Project Manage the refurbishment of Air Canada's in-flight catering facility at London Heathrow airport. The unit needed to meet the standards applied by the Food Manufacturing industry rather than merely complying with those governing the Catering industry. Therefore, particularly attention was given to the finishes applied to the walls, ceiling and floors, wall protection systems, vision panels and mobile workstations.


Project Objective

  • To double the capacity of the in-flight catering commissary to 6,000 trayed meals per shift when required.
  • To meet the current UK Food Safety Act standards.
  • To maintain production throughout the 24 week programme of works.

Scope of Project

The project included the complete redesign, internal demolition and refurbishment of the existing 3,750 square metre catering facility and associated storage, office and ancillary areas.

Our task was to head the design team as well as provide Air Canada's management with specialist catering input while working through their requirements in detail. This included specifying materials to be used for wall, floor and ceiling finishes.We also were responsible for all project costs and ensuring the project was phased to permit the kitchen to continue operating, whilst complying to hygiene standards, throughout the building works.

In spite of Air Canada's decision to drop the original scheme of housing mechanical and electrical services in external plant rooms (which occasioned a two month redesign delay), phase two deadlines were met as per the original schedule by implementing a two stage tender process.

The £3.5 million project was completed on time and to a higher standard than any other recently completed comparable unit in the UK.

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