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Project Profile: Benjys Ltd

Benjys Ltd

Project Objective:

To design and project manage the alteration and refit of an old abattoir building in London and convert it into a modern CPU to produce 30,000 filled torpedo rolls, 10,000 sandwiches, wrap 10,000 cakes and other baked products and manufacture 10,000 salad and pasta bowls per day


Scope of Project:

Foodesco employed the necessary consultants to create the design team. Working closely with the clients’ technical consultant each area was designed to enable the necessary space to be created. The total space involved was in excess of 28,000 ft2.

The unit was designed to be able to house 4 production lines each capable of manufacturing 1,000 units per hour of either filled torpedo rolls, sandwiches, salad or pasta pots etc. The main assembly area was supported by the necessary decant, preparation and cooking/cooling areas and tray/utensil washing areas were also included. Other parts of the building were converted to create the necessary chilled, frozen and ambient storage facilities, whilst staff and office facilities were provided for from an existing area.



Foodesco, acting as project managers and contract administrators then appointed the contractors chosen for each section of the works and then controlled the whole project.

Foodesco also specified and assisted the client in the purchase of all the required processing equipment and when the building was ready co-ordinated the delivery, installation and commissioning of that equipment.

The £2.2m unit was completed on time, at which time Foodesco assisted in staff recruitment and training.


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