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Project Profile: Colchester Garrison

Colchester Garrison

Project Objective:

To fully design and specify the fit out of a central production unit to produce a complete range of ready meals and other food products to serve the messes on the new garrison at Colchester. The output capacity of the CPU had to be to be 50,000 meals per week, with single 8-hour shifts each day.

The 1,600 m2 CPU was designed to produce a range of chilled and frozen hot entrees, vegetables and desserts together with a range of cold menu items.

These items would form the core menu and would be supplemented by items that would be cooked from raw ingredients within the receiving kitchen.

The CPU would also act as a central store and would receive all dry goods and other primary materials required within the receiving kitchens, and would issue these to the receiving kitchens daily or as required.

In order to comply with Environmental Health requirements, and to satisfy the requirements with respect to Food Safety Legislation through all stages of the production process, the facility was be designed to European standards and to comply with all the relevant EEC directives.

The total cost of the fit out was £2.6m

Once the works on site had commenced Foodesco acted as Project Managers.

Scope of Project:

The complete design of all areas of the CPU to meet with the output requirements needed by the client.

Working with the client's management we provided layouts and detailed designs for all aspects of the project including walls, floors, drainage, mechanical, electrical and refrigeration services, equipment.

The entire manufacturing area was constructed using rockwool cored insulated panels sitting on stainless steel kerbs.

The timing of the project was critical. The new facility needed to be completed within 26 weeks to ensure that trials could be completed prior to full production in time to meet with the
transfer of the entire garrison from the existing buildings.

The main assembly and packing areas were supported by the necessary decant, preparation and areas and tray/utensil washing areas were also included.

Other parts of the building were converted to create the necessary chilled, frozen and ambient storage facilities, whilst staff and office requirements were provided for from an externally constructed building.


Processing Equipment:

Foodesco also specified all the required processing and packing equipment and when the building was ready co-ordinated the delivery, installation and commissioning of that equipment.

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