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Project Profile: Toman Foods

Toman Foods

Project Objective:

To alter and extend an existing factory, to ensure that it met with the current requirements of UK legislation and the High Street Multiples.

To ensure that the areas would be able to accommodate equipment capable of producing a full range of Sushi products.

The project had to be completed in a 5 week period to enable the company to meet commitments to Waitrose for the delivery of first orders in early September 1997.

Scope of Project

The complete re design of all areas of the factory to meet with the output production volume requirements needed by the client.

Working with the clients specialist Technical consultants, and the local managers we providedlayouts and detailed designs for all aspects of the project including walls floors and services.

A completely new refrigeration and ventilation system had to be installed, and many of theexisting walls and ceilings had to be disassembled and then reassembled in a different configuration.





The designs had to incorporate specialist equipment being shipped from Japan, and as such special electrical connections were needed.

Some of the existing equipment had to be modified for reuse, and others were removed from site to storage until the works were complete and then returned and installed.

As part of our Project Management services we advised on the choice of contract to be used, and then arranged and organised the tendering process. Once the works on site had commenced Foodesco acted as contract administrators and Supervising Officers to ensure that all aspects of the contract ran smoothly. Due to the extremely tight time scales a permanent site present was required to ensure that queries created the minimum of delay.

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