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Food Manufacturing

Often there is not in-house time or expertise to progress a project throughout its entire life cycle. We, at Foodesco, can be of help. We have extensive experience in providing and implementing solutions in regards to hygiene, high and low risk separation and staff and material flow. All our projects are split into clearly defined stages. These are:

Feasibility Studies

In this first stage the financial viability of a particular scheme or objective is established. This is achieved by putting together a document containing information on area allocation and description, suitable equipment, budget estimate and a programme of the works. This document also includes drawings and outline specifications.

Outline Scheme Design

This phase involves the development of the feasibility study to take account of the detailed process engineering requirements and to bring in the skills of architects, structural engineers, surveyors and other experts. Planning permission, if required, is submitted.

Detail Scheme Design

The scheme is developed to enable construction to proceed. Specifications are drawn up and submitted to potential main contractors to allow tendering to take place. In addition, advice is given on the type of contract to be signed between the parties.

Project Management

The project is then managed to meet the customer's budget and deadline. Regular contact with the customer is essential and reports, including financial statements, are submitted throughout this process. Frequent site inspections to coordinate delivery of equipment, plant installation and commissioning are also part of this phase.


Foodesco does not consider a project concluded until it is completely to the customer's satisfaction. On approval the facility is handed over as a fully operational unit, staff are trained and final accounts prepared.

Project Profiles

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