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Often there is not in-house time or expertise to progress a project throughout its entire life cycle. We, at Foodesco, can be of help. We have extensive experience in all types of production kitchens and catering facilities, from small snack bars to large cook-chill facilities, and in a variety of catering sectors (inflight, healthcare, staff, education, commercial). All our projects are split into clearly defined stages.  These are:

Feasibility Studies

In this first stage option appraisals and viability studies are performed. These involve taking an operational overview, establishing the available options and calculating the associated costs of each option. The latter, which might include mechanical and electrical services, building work and equipment costs, are established by our in-house quantity surveyors.

Outline Scheme Design

This phase centred around refining the preferred option from the feasibility study proposals to match the customer's brief. This is done by determining the outline details and components of the catering areas and their relationships to other areas, including service delivery points together with access to the kitchens. In addition, the schematic layouts are checked in order not to conflict with information provided by the other design team members.

Detail Scheme Design

The scheme designs are developed in detail to show the catering equipment needed in each area and the associated services and building work required by other members of the design team.

Production Information/Tender Documentation

From the detailed designs specifications for each piece of equipment are prepared. This information along with the requirements of the installation is then collated into the overall tender document and final accounts prepared.

Project Profiles

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